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Patients Rising & Special Operations Association of America Join Forces to Create Veterans Patient Rising

Our Mission

Veterans Patients Rising will advance policy solutions to improve health care access for veterans and their families.

“When our veterans return home, they don’t need their next battle to be with the healthcare system. The new advocacy group will be the best of what both of these organizations do – put these real patient stories in front of policymakers, so we can push for a health care system that works for our veterans and their families."  
Terry Wilcox
Co-Founder and CEO, Patients Rising
“Through our new partnership, Veterans Patients Rising is committing to finding solutions for veterans who cannot access the healthcare they earned with their blood, sweat, and tears. We will fight for those who fought for us.”
David Cook
Co-Founder, Veterans Patients Rising


TRICARE Pharmacy Issue

15,000 Pharmacies Out of Network

Mental Health

The significant roadblocks to proper mental health care once you are not in service. 


Specifically rare cancers only found in vets who have handled certain equipment.

"When you're dealing with mental health, time is of the essence."
Michelle Cook
Senior Advisor, Veterans Patients Rising
"Even in 2022, I am still battling with Tricare and with the VA health care for some of the combat injuries that incurred during my combat time, and one of those things particularly is TBI.”
Jaclyn "Jax" Scott
Board Member, SOAA

News & Updates

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